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Bizmoni is a US-based technology company that delivers innovative "Business Inclusion" technology solutions.

"Business Inclusion" is an issue that affects +20% of the global population aiming for financial independence and freedom of choice with no business knowledge or access to resources.

We facilitate Business Inclusion (business access) for entrepreneurs who lack the knowledge, the networks, the tools, and/or the funds required to build a successful business.


Jose Graca - Business Master Chef


We deliver the main ingredients to Build a Business; Knowledge, Technology, and Funds:

Cook a Business - Fortune 500 CEO

1. THE COOKABUSINESS.COM training program, a multimedia series of six flip books, that will teach you how to make decisions like Fortune 500 CEOs. At the end, participants receive a professional entrepreneur certificate.

Bizmoni Metaverse

2. The Bizmoni metaverse: a combination between a Marketplace, an e-bank, & a business management process automation app, all within a social network. The Super App generates, through our sophisticated technology, the ideal environment and processes to boost efficiency, allowing any business to reach free cash flows in six months and making it debt-free and fit for investment.


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How it works?

To be a Bizmoni franchisee, you will need:



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Bizmoni is expanding - Fast! Our Strategic Franchise Development program delivers exponential growth.


Become a Bizmoni

Running a Bizmoni Master Franchise makes you part of a dynamic digital ecosystem, with a rapidly growing market and high returns on investment.

Master FranchiseE

What do Bizmoni Master FranchisEeS Get?

A Global online Presence
Privileged access to a diverse and dynamic business environment
The best strategies to help you reach your goals
Everything to set up your franchise and keep it running smoothly
Strategic franchise plan Franchise business plan

A Global online presence

Strategic Franchise Plan

Franchise Business Plan

Tools, expert advisors, and decades of collective experience at your fingertips
All you need for a high-quality pitch
Worldwide reach and engaged audiences
Marketing support Presentation materials Global advertising

Marketing Support

Presentation Materials

Global Advertising

Take full advantage of the opportunities our global community provides
All the benefits of a fully registered and legally protected global brand
Get Full Access to our exclusive software and systems
Global social media presence Protected international trademark Technology licensing

Global Social Media Presence

Protected International Trademark

Technology Licensing

Full and direct support from expert developers and programmers
Our highly skilled operators can solve all your doubts, or point you in the right direction


Tech support Call center service Training

Tech Support

Call Center Service

Get all the knowledge, tools and skills you need with our innovative courses

Develop a highly profitable business backed by our unmatched entrepreneurial know-how as you help deliver Bizmoni’s concept and innovative products in your home country

• High ROI: Effective Master Franchise holders can expect large returns and rapid expansion, backed by a whole network of staff working to help make your franchise a success!


Become an Exclusive Representative of the Bizmoni brand

To make Bizmoni the global leader in business inclusion!

Become Bizmoni’s representative in your country and help our METAVERSE reach new heights

Dominican Republic - Mexico - Peru - Chile - Paraguay - Uruguay - Argentina - Bolivia - Colombia - Venezuela - Suriname - Costa Rica - Panama - Belize - Cuba - Spain - Portugal - Brazil - USA - Canada - Inglaterra - Ireland - Scotland - Australia - New Zealand - Russia - Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Italy - Luxembourg - Netherlands - Belgium - France - Sweden - Norway - Finland - Denmark - Poland - Ukraine - Turkey - India - Indonesia - Phillipines - Thailand - Vietnam - Mongolia - Kazakhstan - China - Japan - South Korea - Morocco - Cape Verde - Kenya - South Africa - Madagascar - Egypt - United Arab Emirates - Jordan - Saudi Arabia - Israel - Oman - Ecuador

Become Bizmoni’s representative in your country and help our METAVERSE reach new heights!



Do you have what it takes

We are looking for highly motivated and committed partners who can lead our push to grow Bizmoni in their country.

• Master FranchiseES will manage a network of between 10 and 20 local franchiseS in their country.

Master Franchisee

to be a Bizmoni Master franchisEe?

• Recruiting:

Locate and evaluate local talent.

• Training:

Help your recruits learn the business and provide them with the tools they need to establish Bizmoni’s presence in their area.

• Promotion:

Plan and coordinate franchisee efforts to increase awareness of the Bizmoni Brand and concept at a national level.



Recruiting, Training and Promotion

What do you
need to

Be a resident of the country, with deep knowledge of the local market;

A recognized track record of business success and achievements in your home country;

An engaging personality and natural rapport with people.

Availability of resources to acquire the Master Franchisee License and to invest in brand expansion efforts.

Higher education preferred (Bachelor degree or higher).

Bizmoni Master Franchisee

become a Master FranchiseE?

Let’s create a new business world together!


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