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What is Bizmoni?

Bizmoni is a New Way to Work and Play, a new decentralized economy where business entrepreneurs, players, builders, and owners can exchange goods, share ideas, and discuss their experiences. Bizmoni blends a marketplace, social media network, business process automation software and a full banking system to create a new way to interact that is less bureaucratic, more secure, and designed to free up more of your time for things that really matter.

What can I do with Bizmoni?

Bizmoni is about doing business in a safe and secure environment. So, whether you’re a recent graduate playing with an exciting business idea, a seasoned investor building up your business, or just someone lookingto make a little money and find better deals, Bizmoni’s Decentralized Economy has a solution that is right for you!.

Why do I need Bizmoni?

Bizmoni can help you generate 100X more sales than you could on your own. Bizmoni also lets you create and maintain a transparent system, greatly improving the speed and security of sales. It improves your efficiency, enabling you to do more in less time, while also reducing operational costs up to 30%. This by itself is more than enough reason to sign up

Why should I sign up right away?

Signing up now will put you ahead of the game, as there are limited memberships available. Taking part in the Live launch will also provide you with special one-time privileges that will not be available at later dates. Now is your chance to upgrade for free!

When will the BETA launch take place?

Bizmoni's pre-registration is now active and will be available until we have reached the needed number of pre-subscribers to start running our first Decentralized Economy.

How do I make money on Bizmoni?

There are several ways to make money on Bizmoni:

1) Make faster and cheaper purchases

2) Improve your sales volumes and speed, allowing you to strike more profitable deals in a much shorter period of time.

3) Use our Social Marketplace to buy and sell (trade back) and make a profit

4) Find new clients and supply services to those who need your expertise and guidance

5) Render professional and exemplary services needed in the Bizmoni Electronic Economy.

6) Reduce your operational costs up to +30% thanks to our special features, as well as our exceptional customer support and competitive pricing structure.

7) Just by being active on Bizmoni sharing data

8) Earn money when you offer services and or products, or take action within the Bizmoni environment. Try it out and see for yourself how Bizmoni can develop your strategic vision and help grow your business to the next level.

What can I sell on Bizmoni?

Bizmoni users can sell any type of godos, new and used, and deliver all kinds of services as long as it is not unlawful, or otherwise related to illegal activities.

Is there any commitment with Bizmoni?

There is no commitment. You can be part of Bizmoni, use all of it, just a few features, or none at all... And you can cancel your subscription whenever you want.

There are several Subscription options available to fit your needs and resources:

Player (Free, 1 User)

Builder (99€/month, with a 30% discount on a 1-year license, 3 Users)

Owner (149€ Euros/month with a 30% discount on a 1-year license, 5 Users)

Additional users (10€ Euros/month with a 30% discount on a 1-year license)

You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at any time.

Are there any Fees for using Bizmoni?

Bizmoni fees are affordable and competitive. Our prices are tied to performance, meaning You will always get the best deal at the best possible price.

How can I sell on Bizmoni?

Selling on Bizmoni is easy. Just upload your products, goods or services on our system and let us handle the rest for you.

Are there any Risks involved in using Bizmoni?

There are no risks involved when using Bizmoni. You either get what you paid for or you get your money back. Sellers can get their unclaimed goods back or get paid for them.

Are there any partnership programs for larger businesses?

Yes, Bizmoni offers partnership programs for larger business and corporations. To learn more about our partnership programs please reach out to our Business Development Team.

What happens if the minimum number of pre-subscribers is not reached?

In the event that the required number of pre-subscribers is not reached by Launch date, Bizmoni may decide to launch with existing numbers or extend the pre-subscription period.

Can I integrate my existing business into Bizmoni?

Yes, you can. Bizmoni is an all- purpose solution for any type of business.

What can’t Isell on Bizmoni?

Bizmoni will not accept any products or services which are unlawful or related to illegal activities.

How does Bizmoni display and rank similar products?

Bizmoni has unique algorithms to ensure the most effective ranking and targeting, while guaranteeing a fair opportunity for every seller. In fact, this is one of Bizmoni secrets, part of our unique and proprietary technology

How does Bizmoni's Rating System work?

In Bizmoni, a seller can rank a buyer and a buyer can rank a seller. This interaction leads to a reciprocal process where both buyers and sellers rank Bizmoni as a market. This process helps ensure that every player acts in the best possible way to make every deal a success.

How does Bizmoni's 24h Support work?

Bizmoni Support works by using a cost-efficient, easy-to-use support ticketing tool/system. Bizmoni gives customers all of the support they need, while paying members enjoy Personal support to guarantee a high end service.

How can I make a payment on Bizmoni?

When you sign up to Bizmoni, your account is activated and you will receive an e-mail notification letting you know your selected payment method has been accepted. All you have to do is activate your account and add funds to it. You are now all ready to go!

How can I exchange currencies or send Money to other Bank Accounts on Bizmoni?

You will be able to exchange money into any currency in real time. You can also transfer money to any other Bizmoni account or to any banking institution outside Bizmoni.

Can I open multiple Accounts on Bizmoni?

You will be able to open as many accounts as needed in any currency supported by Bizmoni with just one easy click.

How can I apply for a credit or debit card on Bizmoni?

When you sign up to Bizmoni, your debit card will be ready and waiting for you. You can apply for more cards or request a credit card at any time, with one simple click.

Do I need to be a incorporated as a Company in order to do Business inside Bizmoni?

No, you don’t. You can act as an individual. However, it might be more beneficial to get incorporated and build up your business in Bizmoni in order to attract investment (funds) or sell your business.

What can I buy on Bizmoni?

You can buy any product or service which is not unlawful, or immoral or related to illegal activities.

How will I receive my goods or services?

Goods will be delivered to the home or office address you indicate. In some cases, they will be delivered to a Pick-Up Location no further than 10 km from this location. Services will be rendered to you according to the agreed method, as selected by you upon purchase.

How can I keep track of my transactions on Bizmoni?

Bizmoni provides real-time information with no delays, allowing you to keep track of your activities at every step.

Do I have to pay Taxes on my Bizmoni transactions?

Bizmoni will not deduct or pay any taxes on your behalf except, in countries* where the company has reached an an agreement with local tax authorities, or where it is obligated by law to deduct these taxes on your behalf. You will need to declare and pay taxes related to your Bizmoni activities according to your local tax laws.

*See Tax Agreements List by Country

Are profits earned on Bizmoni taxed?

Tax obligations will depend on your country of residence or where your company is legally registered. Make sure you are familiar with local tax laws relating to your business activities.

How much money do I need in my wallet to start my Bizmoni business?

Bizmoni is the cheapest way available to start a business on a global scale. You can start with as little as 100 Euros or Dollars and build it up from there. The most important thing is the time you spend on Bizmoni. The more time you spend, the more money you can make.

Is there a dispute resolution mechanism in case a transaction goes wrong?

Yes, Bizmoni has a dispute resolution mechanism in place. However, keep in mind that the customer is KING. Bizmoni can also provide insurance and an arbitrage system for those rare resolutions that cannot be solved immediately.

Does Bizmoni guarantee delivery?

Yes. You either get the products you paid for, or your full money back.

Does Bizmoni guarantee payments?

Yes. You either get your payment or you can ask for your products back.

How can I sell my products on Bizmoni?

Putting your products up for sale on Bizmoni is easy. You simply upload your product information and price, then click to send your product to the Bizmoni marketplace. In case your trade does not reach any buyers, you can go back, lower the price or decide to get your goods back.

Can I sell my business on Bizmoni?

Yes, you can sell your business in Bizmoni.

Can I raise equity on Bizmoni?

Yes, you can raise equity in Bizmoni.

Can I get a loan on Bizmoni?

Yes, you can look for and secure a loan in Bizmoni.

Can I get transaction insurance with Bizmoni?

Yes, you can get transaction insurance with Bizmoni.

Where can I find Bizmoni's dispute resolution system?

You will find the dispute resolution option under our Help menu.

How can I get in touch with Bizmoni?

You can reach us at the Help Desk. If you subscribe for a full membership, you will be allocated a country manager who can provide all the support you need.

Can I learn to become an entrepreneur on Bizmoni?

Bizmoni makes extensive training and learning programs available to our subscribers, giving you a good chance to become a successful entrepreneur by applying the knowledge, tools and conditions we offer you.

Is my money secure on Bizmoni?

Yes, your money is secure at all times. Bizmoni holds your funds in a secure official pool of banks. Your money will never leave your account without your personal instructions.

What are the risks of losing my money on Bizmoni?

There are no risks involved unless you give the instruction to transfer your money outside our Bizmoni ecosystem. Bizmoni will secure your money and follow your instructions at all times. Any risks to your money will be related to the the instructions you issue.


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