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What is Bizmoni?

Bizmoni is a social marketplace where business entrepreneurs, thinkers, doers, and consumers; exchange goods, ideas, and experiences. A new way to interact, less bureaucratic, more secure, and more time for things that matter.

What can I do with Bizmoni?

Bizmoni is about doing business in a safe and secure environment. So, whether you’re a fresh graduate with an exciting business idea or a seasoned investor, or an inspired individual looking for a useful way to track, manage and facilitate their paths of launching a promising business with tangible profitable outcome. Bizmoni brings you the best of this world – "The Electronic Economy". Bizmoni aims at helping companies, entrepreneurs, business owners and consumers better manage their financial operations, processes, and lives by utilizing specialized software, a multi-functional platform that are used on computers and, increasingly, smartphones.

Why do I need Bizmoni?

Bizmoni generates 100X more sales than you can ever possibly do on your own. Bizmoni also enables you to create and maintain a transparent system, to buy much faster and better than you could ever have imagined. It improves your efficiency, enabling you to do much more within the same time frame while reducing your operational costs up to 30%. This represents by itself more than enough reasons for you to sign up and move on throughout the stages.

Why should I sign up right away?

Signing up now will put you ahead of everybody else. There are limited memberships available. Taking part in the Live launch will also provide you with special one-time privileges that will not be available after the Live launch period. Now is your chance to upgrade for free.

When will the Live launch take place?

Bizmoni pre subscription is running and will be available until we have reached the needed number of pre-subscribers to run the first Electronic Economy.

How do I make money on Bizmoni?

Bizmoni has the capacity called organizational agility to adjust its strategic plan as per your business needs by small increments, while delivering a continuum of business benefits and performance realization, and at the same time, keeping an eye on the strategic vision.

There are several ways you can make money on Bizmoni:

1) You will be able to buy faster and cheaper

2) You will be able to sell much more and faster, do more sustainable deals within a much shorter period of time.

3) You will be able to buy and sell (trade back) and make a profit

4) You will be able to supply services to those who need your expertise and guidance

5) You will be able to render professional and exemplary services needed in the Bizmoni Electronic Economy.

6) You will able to reduce your operational costs up to +30% of what it is now because of all the features it offers, such as exceptional customer support and competitive pricing structure.

There are so many ways for you to make money with the help of Bizmoni that the best way is to try it out and develop your own strategic innovation vision.

What can I sell on Bizmoni?

You can sell any type of goods, new and used, and deliver all types of services as long as it is not unlawful, considered improper or related to illegal activities.

Is there any commitment with Bizmoni?

There is no commitment. You can be part of Bizmoni, use all, parts or none. You can leave whenever you want.

Are there any Fees to use Bizmoni platform?

Bizmoni fees are affordable and lower than any other on the market. In addition, they are charged on a performance basis only. You will always get the best deal at the best possible price.

How can I sell on Bizmoni?

Selling on Bizmoni is easy and simple. Just insert your item(s) that can be either a service or a product. We do the rest for you.

Are there any Risks involved using Bizmoni?

No. There are no risks involved using Bizmoni. You either get what you paid for or you get your money back. Sellers get their goods back or get paid for their goods. Traders may end up with the service or the goods in case it is not picked up by a buyer.

Are there any partnership programs for larger businesses?

Yes, we have partnership programs for larger businesses and corporations. To know more about our partner programs, please contact our Business Development Team.

What happens if the minimum required pre subscribers are not reached?

If we do not reach the minimum needed, we may decide to launch with a lower number or extend the pre subscription period.

Can I integrate my existing business into Bizmoni?

Yes, you can. Bizmoni is an all- terrain solution to any type of business.

What can I not sell on Bizmoni?

Anything which is unlawful or considered improper or related to illegal activities.

How does Bizmoni show and rank similar products?

Bizmoni has unique algorithms to ensure the best and most effective ranking and targeting in an impartial way to guarantee a fair opportunity for every seller. In fact, this is one of Bizmoni secrets; a piece of confidential information, that cannot be revealed.

How does Bizmoni Rating system works?

In Bizmoni, a seller ranks a buyer and a buyer ranks a seller. Bizmoni ranks a seller and a buyer which in turn leads to a reciprocal process where both a buyer and a seller rank Bizmoni. This process will ensure that every player acts in the best possible way to make every deal a success.

How does Bizmoni a 24h Support work?

Bizmoni support works through a cost efficient, easy-to-use help system and like most others by implementing a support ticketing tool/system. Bizmoni gives the customers all of the support they need with Personal dedicated support is only available to paid members to guarantee a high end service

How can you pay on Bizmoni?

When you sign in with Bizmoni, your account is activated and a notification about your card activation is e-mailed. Then, the only thing you have to do is to activate your account and add funds to it. From this time onwards, you are all set up to go.

How can I exchange or send Money to other Bank Accounts on Bizmoni?

You will be able to exchange money into any currency within a real time period . You will also be able to transfer money to any other Bizmoni account or to any other banking institution outside Bizmoni.

How can I open an Account(s) on Bizmoni?

You will be able to open as many accounts as needed in any currency supported by Bizmoni with one click.

How can I apply for a credit or debit card on Bizmoni?

When you sign in with Bizmoni, your debit card is already ready for you. In the meantime, you can apply for more cards or request a credit card with a one click process.

To do a business on Bizmoni, do I need to be incorporated?

No, you don’t. You can act as an individual. However, it might be more interesting/ benefitial to get incorporated, build up your business within Bizmoni to attract investment (funds) or sell your business.

What can I buy on Bizmoni?

You cannot buy any product or service which is unlawful, or immoral or related to illicit activities.

How will I receive my goods or get my service rendered?

Your goods will be delivered to you or you will be able to pick them up within a radius of 10 km around you. The services will be rendered to you according to the agreed methods. You make a decision on the options available to you.

How can I follow my transactions on Bizmoni?

Bizmoni is a real time without delay solution and at all time you will be able to follow all steps.

Must I pay Taxes on my transactions in Bizmoni?

Bizmoni will not deduct or pay any taxes on your behalf except in those countries with which it has an agreement with the local tax authorities or is obligated by law to deduct the taxes on your behalf. You will need to declare and pay your taxes to the local tax authorities related to your Bizmoni activities in case this is due.

Are my profits made on Bizmoni taxed?

You are taxed depending where you live, the local legal tax system in place and how you are running your business.

How much money do I need to put in my wallet to start my Bizmoni business?

Bizmoni is the cheapest business you can ever start on a global scale. You can start with as low as 100 Euros or Dollars and build it up. The most important thing is the time you spend on Bizmoni. The more time you spend, the more money you will be making.

Is there any dispute resolution in case a transaction go wrong?

Yes, there is a dispute resolution in place but always remember that client is KING. Bizmoni will also supply an arbitrage system for those rare resolutions that cannot be solved immediately.

Does Bizmoni guarantee delivery?

You either get the goods or your money back.

Does Bizmoni guarantee payments?

You either get your payment or your goods back.

How can I trade on Bizmoni?

Trading on Bizmoni is easy. You insert the new price, push the button and the trade back to Bizmoni is done. In case your trade does not reach any buyers, you can go back, lower the price or decide to receive the goods.

Can I sell my business on Bizmoni?

Yes, you can sell your business in Bizmoni.

Can I raise equity on Bizmoni?

Yes, you can raise equity in Bizmoni.

Can I get a loan on Bizmoni?

Yes, you can get a loan in Bizmoni.

Can I get a transaction insurance on Bizmoni?

Yes, you can get a transaction insurance in Bizmoni.

Where can I find Bizmoni dispute resolution?

You will find the dispute resolution under Help.

How can I get in touch with Bizmoni?

You can reach us at the Help Desk. If you take a membership, you will be allocated a personal assistant.

Can I learn to become an entrepreneur on Bizmoni?

Bizmoni will supply extensive training and learning programs so that you can have a fair chance to become a successful entrepreneur with the tools and conditions we offer you.

Is my money secure on Bizmoni?

Yes, your money is secure at all times. Bizmoni holds your funds in a secure official pool of banks. Without your personal instructions, your money will never leave your account. account.

What are the risks of losing my money on Bizmoni?

There are no risks involved unless you give the instructions to transfer your money. Bizmoni will secure your money at all times and execute your instructions. The risks to lose your money are those pertaining to your instructions.

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